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A resource for nearly 1,100 rebates and incentives.

Our mission is to work with small business owners and get them the rebates and incentives the IRS has made available.

Assets Maker is bringing the best practices of fortune 500 companies to small business owners in revolutionary fashion. We are founded on the premise that every business owner should learn how to grow their wealth and access resources that the fortune 500 companies use every day. If you want to understand more about this simply perform a google search, “does Jeff Bezos pay taxes”.

If you own your business or commercial property, we will uncover hidden wealth. There are write offs, government incentives, rebates, programs, and resources which are available to almost every business owner. Assets Maker will provide a free, in-depth consultation to ensure that you know exactly what resources you are entitled to.

Assets Maker is an indispensable resource which will push your business to the next level.

Easy As 1 2 3

Step 1:

Answer a few quick questions about your business and company practices. Our proprietary software will estimate your benefit.

Step 2:

If we've piqued your interest, submit the prerequisite documentation allowing us to confirm your benefit vs cost analysis.

Step 3:

Deposit your checks when they arrive.

Every Consultation

With Us is FREE!

Our Services


Do you hire and train employees? You may qualify for a myriad of programs.


Are you constantly improving your business? You could be missing out on incentives.


Did you know you can carry most credits forward 20 years?

Cost Reduction

We have over 70 services lines resulting in unsurpassed recovery of your capital.


We boast a 96% client retention rate. We have the technology and tracking to ensure you an exceptional client experience.


Our work is iron clad. Over 5,000 clients and never a dime paid in audit, penalties, or fines.

Will I qualify for these programs?

Every day, customary business practices will meet the criteria for these programs.

These are the types of businesses that have already been helped.

Anesthesiologist: Santa Barbara, CA - $84,000

Auto Repair: Orlando, FL - $31,000

Casino: Albuquerque, NM - $750,000

Chiropractor: Albuquerque, NM - $343,000

Chiropractor: Thousand Oaks, CA - $28,000

Contractor: Los Angeles, CA - $64,000

Contractor: Tampa, FL - $24,000

Contractor: Farmington, NM - $75,000

Contractor: Westlake Village, CA - $67,000

Dental: Stuggart, AR - $59,000

Dental: Newbury Park, CA - $82,000

Dentist: Anaheim, CA - $43,000

Dentist: Boulder, CO - $34,000

Dentist: Agoura Hills, CA - $103,000

Electrical Contractor: Thousand Oaks, CA - $81,000

Engineering: San Carlos, CA - $300,000

Engineering: Los Angeles, CA - $178,000

Labor: Los Angeles, CA - $1,200,000

Laboratory: Atlanta, GA - $128,000

Laboratory: Albuquerque, NM - $210,000

Manufacturer: Fresno. CA - $33,000

Manufacturer: Sacramento, CA - $108,000

Marketing: Aurora, CO - $53,000

Medical : Owning Mills, MD - $97,000

Medical Supply Co: Woodland Hills, CA - $42,000

Oil & Gas: Farmington, NM - $300,000

Orthodontist: Anaheim, CA - $93,000

Orthopedic: Farmington, NM - $45,000

Personnel: St. George, UT - $26,500

Play Ground Mfg. : Orange, CA - $136,000

Podiatrist: Thousand Oaks, CA - $87,000

Recycling: Whitewater, CO - $75,000

Retail: Memphis, TN - $54,000

School Supply Co: Simi Valley, CA - $168,000

Software: Sacramento, CA - $92,000

Theme Park: Helena, MT - $295,000

Video Production: Alamonte Springs, FL - $46,000

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